Happy Birthday, iMac


My iMac is celebrating its 10th birthday today. Laura and I purchased the machine on 2/3/4 and were immediately enchanted. Here’s the launch video with Jonny Ives, Phil Schiller, Annie Leibovitz, Seal, Francis Ford Coppola and a great soundtrack:

That was great, and I loved the commercials, too:

While the iMac is no longer safe to keep attached to the internet (its Power PC CPU limits it to OS X 10.4), the machine still serves in a place of honor in the workout room, powering videos and music for our workouts and serving as a backup DVD burner.

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  1. Ted Roche February 7, 2014 at 3:01 pm #

    MacWorld has a tribute here that includes a lot of information I hadn’t realized: this model was the introduction of the LCD panel, “CRTs are dead” says Jobs, first stable 10.1, etc. I both the late version of the model, the 20″ widescreen, and still love the way the screen can be adjusted.

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