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Lost scrolls

This blog has been so long-lived, it reminds me of the joke about the little country museum that had a hatchet on display labeled ‘George Washington’s Axe.” When queried, the owner admitted the handle had worn out and been replaced a few times, and the head replaced when it had broken, but the rest was original. (see Ship of Theseus for the original original. Supposedly.)
Today, I restored a set of essays that predate the WordPress blog. They predate the Manila/Radio Userland blog. They were around long before the short-lived Blogger experiment. In fact, they may even predate the original Twiki blog-on–wiki. These started as sketches of essays that never had a place to be published. I added them to the Manila blog as ‘stories’ rather than posts, and that’s why I missed them when I ported the Manila blog, 31-January-2007.
You can find those essays starting here:

Hurray for the border-box!

Paul Irish blogs here: that a CSS3 feature promises to end the foolish layout war between those who think box boundaries should be measured to the borders and those who think a box’s boundaries are the size of its content. This has been a headache for anyone trying to get a set of boxes to line up properly and to work across all browsers, especially Internet Explorer.

Vijay Sharma shares his insights here:

Credit to: (now merged into Front End Focus

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