Archive | December 8, 2013

WordPress files now served via CDN

In CorporateSpeak, we’d post, “In our continuing efforts to improve our service delivery and exceed your expectations and delight you with our experience…” but I’d rather speak plainly.

I’ve implemented a CDN – a content delivery network – to speed up the blog performance. The blog, running WordPress, was already using WPSuperCache, (updated link) but all of the responses would still be coming from the same web server. Using a CDN offloads the delivery of static content – images, CSS files, JavaScript – from the web server, and onto a high-speed network that’s tuned for optimal delivery in the fastest possible time.

I uploaded a large batch of files to the CDN to seed the cache. I will also need to set up another plugin to synchronize changes to the blog and upload those to the CDN.

Let’s see how this work. Let me know if you see any funny business.

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