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Notes from Seacoast WordPress Meetup, 29-Jan-2014

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The Seacoast WordPress group had a second Meetup in January, with a dozen in attendance. That leaves February free for our alternate organizer, Eric, to kick off the debut meeting of the ‘Users’ meeting. The intent is to make the group more inclusive by holding two meetings most months, one focused on developers, talking PHP and CSS3 and Javascript and plugin and theme development and geekier stuff, and second meeting focused on users, talking about managing sites, hosting issues, finding plugins and designing sites, more on using WordPress than tinkering under the hood. I’m sure there will be a lot of overlap between meetings, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this works out.

We continued our series on HTML5/CSS3 features last night, with a number of speakers taking turns showing off new capabilities of HTML and talking about how they could be integrated into WordPress or might already be in your favorite theme, or if there were incompatibility issues (did anyone say “Internet Explorer?”) and whether there were work-arounds.

Jacqui talked about the new semantic tags of <header>, <footer>, <nav>, <section>, <article>, <aside> and <main> and also on media queries. There’s enough materials in either of those two topics for an entire meeting! I spoke on data entry: placeholders, required attributes, data types and the output tag. Andy talked about <audio>, <video>, <canvas>, <progress>, <meter>, <details> and <figure>. Amanda showed the <datalist> feature and the related CSS of animations, transformations and transitions.

There was a lot of material, and I’m looking forward to finding some spare time to play with many of the features I saw demonstrated.

Several more presentations were at the ready, and we’ll be looking forward to David and Kevin next meeting. Developers will likely get together on March 5th, the first Wednesday meeting. The kick-off users meeting will be held in February. Please join the Meetup group to keep up to date on the details.

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