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Tuesday, October 08, 2002

After 19 months of pretty solid operations (looks like about 12 crashes), my main development machine crashed hard (power reset) and often (random bluescreens 9 times) yesterday. Over the months, this has gotten to be the go-to machine, the dependable one, so, of course, there’s software on there that’s nowhere else. It was the VSS repository while the servers got re-arranged. It had the latest development source and email stores. Tried rolling back the latest security patch (applied yesterda), no joy. Ripped out the external SCSI ZIP drive and the parallel printer we’ve been testing a client app on. It works. Unlikely it’s either cable; far more likely it’s a loose something inside the case that got shifted when I moved it. Sheesh. I hate hardware.

Back up and running this morning means it’s time for backups!

Thirty-two degrees this morning when I walked the dogs. Frost in the fields. Fall comes quickly after the equinox, bringing thoughts of the cycle of life, mortality and the passage of time. Fall has always been a melancholy experience for me.

The New England SQL Server User Group is back on line, and advertising their upcoming October 10th meeting.

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