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Monday, October 14, 2002

I find it fascinating that some of the best scholars, lawyers and judges can debate complex issues of intellectual property, copyright and digital rights based on the few words of guidance put down by a group of revolutionaries over two centuries ago, and extract such wisdom from the documents. The document is the U.S. Constitution, the court case, Eldred v. Ashcroft. Here are the[thoughts] of Lawrence Lessig, attorney and Stanford law professor who argued for Eldred.

Microsoft Fails to Change Buying Habits talks about the end of the pilot program Microsoft rolled out for Office By Subscription. Few bought into the idea. RIP.

The Gaileo spacecraft continues to send back great information as it loops around Jupitor. Its next major event is a Flyby of Amalthea, a Jovian moon that puts out more energy than it receives.

Just in case you thought they were just throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what stuck, here’s Microsoft’s Roadmap for the next three releases of Visual Studio. Let’s see how well they can stick to plan…

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