Garrett’s got a new job!

Congratulations to Garrett Fitzgerald who blogs… Stop the world, I want to get off…. “My head is still spinning a bit. On Tuesday, a local employer was referred to me. I interviewed with him on Wednesday, and started work Thursday.

MailMovers is a local mailing house. During my interview, I found that the mail industry, to a large extent, runs on FoxPro data. This has put me in an interesting position. For years, I have have been writing code that would be used by other people. Some of this was when I worked with software houses such as MicroKnowledge (in Bangor) and UNICOM (in Providence), and some of it was writing snippets for customers when I worked in Microsoft’s Product Support Services. For the first time, I’m using VFP as a tool, rather than a programming enviroment. And I’m loving it. :-)” Best of luck, Garrett!


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