Archive | January 1, 2004

So, who visits your web site?

Happy New Year. Inspired by Joi Ito’s post, I took advantage of the morning to do some analyses of last year’s weblogs. Yeah, what a geek.

Assisted by the fantastic (and free!) Analog package to analyze the logs, ReportMagic to spiff up the presentation, and QuickDNS to convert the IP addresses into domain names, here is what I found: 220,000 requests, total. 778 DEFAULT.IDA exploits, rejected. 20,000 requests for the BAFUG.GIF, displayed on the web site as well as the Visual FoxPro Task Pane Community Pane. 19,000 requests for the FoxCentral RSS 2.0 feed, 12,000 requests for the RSS 2.0 feed. For their RSS 1.0 feeds, the requests were 4,000 and 5,800, respectively. The RO BOTS.TXT file was requested over 3,000 times, not surprisingly, as the GoogleBot, InkToMi and Teoma search engines made it to the top 20 most popular domains.

Glad to see the site is getting some use.

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