Archive | February 1, 2004

The Register: Going cold turkey with Windows, well, thinking about it, maybe

The problem with linking to anything from The Register is that their reliability and impartiality is up there with the pulp tabloids you see in the supermarket with badly pasted up pictures of the president shaking hands with an alien. Unfortunately, to me, it’s kind of like roadkill – you want to look away, but at the same time you’re fascinated. In this story, Small firms fighting Microsoft addiction. “Going cold turkey with Windows,” The Reg seems to be pulling material from this Yankee Group press release, entitled “Microsoft Dominance Keeps Small Businesses Awake at Night, Says the Yankee Group” – a document Yankee Group released to promote their upcoming SMB Forum, I suspect. Quite a bit of hyperbole in both documents, but the idea that a large percentage of Microsoft shops are concerned and looking elsewhere is a good thing, I think. Competition and interoperability are necessary for a healthy computing environment.

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