Archive | February 25, 2004

Globalization and the off-shoring of high-tech jobs draws protests

Computerworld News reports Anti-offshore-outsourcing groups banding together. “Major unions and grass-roots organizations that have sprung up around the country to fight the offshoring of IT and manufacturing jobs have formed the Jobs and Trade Network to fight for their cause.”

A poster on the ProFox mailing list observed:

I didn’t complain when coal mining went offshore because I wasn’t a miner,
I didn’t complain when the steel industry went offshore because I wasn’t a steel worker,
I didn’t complain when ship building went offshore because I wasn’t a
I didn’t complain when car manufacture went offshore because I wasn’t a car builder,
I didn’t complain when TV set production went offshore because I didn’t work in electronics,

I can hardly complain now that programming is going offshore.

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