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Anand on the Mac, Part 2

Last year, I blogged that Anand of the PC hardware review site AnandTech wrote up an enthusaistic review of the state of the Macintosh. Apparently, that started a whole new section of the site, devoted to the Apple technologies.

Anand follows up with another thorough discussion – ten thousand words over 11 pages – that will give you a great view of where Apple is and where they are going.

VFP 9 EULA available online?

Several folks have contacted me to let me know of the change to the EULA and Ken Levy’s statements at various conferences. Thanks, folks.

Ken Levy’s words are not Microsoft’s contracts, and Microsoft (and all software vendors) ought to have their licenses available for inspection. Thanks to my friends and readers, I’m better informed (as will others who might Google this post), but public viewing of licenses ought to be standard practice.

In a recent column, Ed Foster asked, “Would software licensing terms be any less nasty if we could read them before we made our purchase decision? It’s an interesting question, and one I think is going to be answered in the not-so-distant future.”

Visual FoxPo 9.0 hits the streets

Visual FoxPro 9.0 now in retail channel!.

“Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 finally hit the streets! It comes in a sleek DVD-case. Rick spotted it at and other retailers.”

(Via fiat volpes) Via Alex Feldstein

Now, has anyone seen the End User Licensing Agreement posted online? I’ve been told that the “upgrade” version no longer has the requirement that previous versions must be removed from your machine, as earlier EULAs did. Since the “Version Upgrade” costs around half as much as the full product, this is an important question.

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