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Paul McNett has run as a Wiki for people wanting to run FoxPro on platforms other than Windows. Unfortunately, according to a note on the home page, Paul has had to take down the site due to spammers. He does, however, point to other links that contain great information on this, including WineHQ and his own web site.

With the recent VFP9 EULA (I still haven’t seen it online), someone asked if that meant that VFP is dead on Linux. Frankly, I’ve always thought of it as more of a parlor trick than a viable platform for development. I mean, if the vendor really doesn’t want to run on the many other operating systems out there, that is their choice, even if they are cutting off their nose to spite their face. The other answer is one that Paul points out in the white paper on his site: you don’t need to run VFP 9 or 8 or even 7 to get most of the benefits of VFP. If you are running (or at least distributing) VFP 6 level applications, the EULA had no noxious requirements about the operating system. As always, you should consult a lawyer about this, but it looks good to me…

Slashdot: Human Animal Hybrid Created in Lab

SlashDot notes: “National Geographic has an article stating that… “Scientists have begun blurring the line between human and animal by producing chimeras – a hybrid creature that’s part human, part animal.”

Great! And are these creatures – HAnimals or Animans? – entitled to protection by the SPCA or by the UN Human Rights Commission? There are incredible ethical issues in this.

VFP9 co-existing with earlier development versions

Ken Levy responded to my earlier post with:

Based on the feedback from you and others in the VFP community after the release of VFP, I met with the Microsoft legal team who worked on the VFP 9.0 EULA and they allowed that section to be removed.æ So anyone can upgrade to VFP 9.0 and use “any” previous version on the same machine, no restrictions in the EULA on previous versions related to upgrading.æ You can blog my comment on that if you want so people know who don’t have VFP 9.0 yet.

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