Will Python Make It Into The Enterprise?

On Slashdot, Python Moving into the Enterprise. Qa1 writes “Seems that Python is moving into the enterprise. At the recent PyCon it has become apparent that it’s not just Google, GIS, Nokia or even Microsoft anymore. The article points out that Python is increasingly becoming a perfectly viable and even preferred choice for the enterprise. More and more companies are looking at Python as a good alternative to past favorites like Java. Will we finally be able to code for living in a language that’s not painful? Exciting times!”

I knew several attendees at PyCon, although I was tied up that week (teaching MySQL) and couldn’t make it. Ed Leafe, former FoxPro MVP and host of several great email and web forums at http://leafe.com, presented the promising business development framework dabo. The Greater New Hampshire Linux User Group is building up a Python SIG (developers on all platforms welcomed) and will be holding debriefing sessions about the conference as part of meetings state-wide.

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