Archive | April 21, 2005

Ars System Guide: April 2005 edition goes 64-bit

Ars System Guide: April 2005 edition. “For the true PC enthusiast, nothing beats building your own system. Enter the Ars Technica System Guide. It covers every component you’ll need to build (or upgrade) your system, from the RAM to the power supply. The April 2005 guide sees some serious updates from the last time we did this. Most importantly, we go 64-bit across the board. That’s right Ö even the Budget Box gets a heaping spoonful of 64-bit loving from us. And there’s more… read on to find out what’s new.” By (Ars Technica).

Three remarkable systems, all 64-bit, priced around $800, $1500 and $10,000. Check ’em out.

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