Archive | April 8, 2005

Hoary Hedgehog Ubuntu 5.04 Released

Slashdot reports “Simon (S2) writes “Ubuntu Linux 5.04, code name ‘Hoary Hedgehog’, is now available. It offers the following new features: Simple and fast Installation, live CD’s for Intel x86, AMD64 and PPC, GNOME 2.10.1, Firefox 1.0.2, first class productivity software, and 6.8.2.” It goes on to suggest “Read the announcement and the complete release notes.” Of course, now that it’s been posted on Slashdot, you might want to wait for their web server to stop glowing red. What you don’t want to wait for is the BitTorrent feeds. They are running pretty fast (BitTorrent gain speed with more file sharers on line). Slashdot features a set of quick links to the torrents for the US crowd (others should check

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