The Gillmor Gang Rides Again!

Back (although at a new venue, it appears) after a long hiatus, the Gillmor Gang (Steve Gillmor, John Udell, Dana Garner, Mike Vizard and Doc Searls) are a formidable bunch on their own, and they chat with Adam Curry this week. Excellent thought-provoking materials touching on topics of podcasting, directories, SOA, screencasting, Apple’s ITunes RSS announcement, Open Source agility and much, much more.

I burn the audiocast to CD (I know, how analog!) and play it in the car CD player on the way to a client. This one was so good that I played it again on the way back.

The big issue I have with most podcasts is the one-to-one nature of input and output: it takes me as long to listen to it as it took them to say it. A half-hour broadcast takes me half an hour to listen to. Compare that to an RSS reader, where I can skim 300 articles, picking out facts as I go, digging deeper into intriguing ones, noting general headlines on others. Even though it may have taken each of those authors hours to write a piece, in my half-hour, I can grab 300 times that. It’s all about data density.

Most audiocasts just can’t pack enough info in for me. These six guys did, though.

OTOH, I was driving, so that’s where I spent my concentration. And it was good enough to listen to twice. And I’ll listen again. Five stars.

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