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The Gillmor Gang Rides Again!

Back (although at a new venue, it appears) after a long hiatus, the Gillmor Gang (Steve Gillmor, John Udell, Dana Garner, Mike Vizard and Doc Searls) are a formidable bunch on their own, and they chat with Adam Curry this week. Excellent thought-provoking materials touching on topics of podcasting, directories, SOA, screencasting, Apple’s ITunes RSS announcement, Open Source agility and much, much more.

I burn the audiocast to CD (I know, how analog!) and play it in the car CD player on the way to a client. This one was so good that I played it again on the way back.

The big issue I have with most podcasts is the one-to-one nature of input and output: it takes me as long to listen to it as it took them to say it. A half-hour broadcast takes me half an hour to listen to. Compare that to an RSS reader, where I can skim 300 articles, picking out facts as I go, digging deeper into intriguing ones, noting general headlines on others. Even though it may have taken each of those authors hours to write a piece, in my half-hour, I can grab 300 times that. It’s all about data density.

Most audiocasts just can’t pack enough info in for me. These six guys did, though.

OTOH, I was driving, so that’s where I spent my concentration. And it was good enough to listen to twice. And I’ll listen again. Five stars.

Steve Jobs Keynote, Monday morning , 1 Pm EDT

Tune in Monday at 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM Eastern, for Steve Job’s keynote Presentation at the World Wide Developer Conference, I always find Jobs’ presentations entertaining. Buy your developers lunch and set up a projector in the lunch room to watch along. With any luck, you’ll have a good idea on what Microsoft will be announcing next month, Of course, it won’t ship until Longhorn. In 2007.

Hang onto your, er, hats!

OSNews is reporting that Red Hat lets go of Fedora Linux. “Red Hat is changing course again with its free Fedora version of Linux, announcing Friday that it will turn over copyrights and development work to an outside entity called the Fedora Foundation.”

Unlike the news out of Seattle, which has been a pretty grim bunch of product delays, end-of-life announcements and news on which products they will no longer be supporting, the Linux community is hopping with activity. Look to Fedora Core 4 to ship on Monday. And keep an eye on Ubuntu as it rapidly becomes the desktop of choice.

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