Archive | June 13, 2005

And never the twain shall meet?

In Jon Udell’s Strategic Developer column:

“We’ve learned this before and will again when the next wave of business process modelers arrives: Visual programming tools don’t turn civilians into programmers. Nor is that an appropriate goal.”

Alex Feldstein and David Stevenson blog VFP Advisor DevCon 2005

Alex Feldstein blogs Visual FoxPro Devcon: Keynote.

“VFP Devcon’s Keynote in Las Vegas was well attended. Present from Microsoft were Y. Alan Griver, Ken Levy, Randy Brown, John Koziol and Richard Stanton.” Read lots more on his blog.

For the stereoscopic view, David Stevenson heard the same keynote, a few seats away. In David Stevenson’s Talking Fox, he blogs:

DEVCON keynote shows early Sedna ideas. “At the opening keynote session at the Visual FoxPro DevCon in Las Vegas Sunday night, Ken Levy and Randy Brown of the Microsoft Visual FoxPro team showed several early prototypes of features that might be included in the Sedna release in 2007. Ken emphasized throughout the session much of the same information that has been posted publicly so far, including the fact that Sedna will be focused on making Visual FoxPro 9.0 work better with the Longhorn operating system, .NET 2.0, SQL Server 2005, and other upcoming technologies.”

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