Apple OS X runs on Intel hardware, has for five years…

OSNews posts Confirmed: Apple to use Intel Chips. “Mac OS X has been leading a secret double life. There have been rumors to this effect… We’ve had teams working on the ‘just in case’ scenario.” said Steve Jobs. Apple will ship a Mac with Intel processors by June 6th, 2006, as reports said. It should be complete by June 2007. Says that Intel offers a better roadmap for the markets that Apple services. Jobs talked about IBM missing the 3 GHz mark for the G5, and in not being able to put one in a PowerBook. Today’s WWDC keynote demonstration has been done entirely on an Intel Mac. Developers applauded Steve when he said that both processors would be supported for a long time and the core to this will be universal binaries (as I predicted yesterday).”

I’m following along on Brian Jepson’s blog. If the keynote was simulcast, I couldn’t find the link. Bummer. Perhaps Apple will post the keynote later.

I find the idea of OS X on Intel intriguing. I wonder if it will run on anything other than Apple-branded hardware.

Apple Press Release

MacMerc is also posting the keynote, although their server seems to be melting…

Apple stock is rising (disclosure: I am a minority stockholder, a tiny minority), but how long will it be before investors realize that PowerPC sales are likely to tank with new Intel models a year away? The Rosetta technology Apple is using promises full binary compatibility between the two machines, but buyers tend to be shy…

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