Archive | August 12, 2005

Patents: good, bad or necessary?

Dan Bricklin asks What if VisiCalc had been patented?. “My name has been brought up a few times in the last few weeks with regards to software patents.”

Dan’s stance is interesting and pragmatic. Correction was: “He notes in the post that he just received a patent today, applied for in 1996 during the Trellix days.” Should be: “Interland, the company that purchased the Trellix assets, received a patent today for the 1996 Trellix work.” Congrats, Dan. Interland, use it wisely.

Exploits in the wild for Microsoft’s August patches

Slashdot post: Exploits Circulating for Latest Windows Holes. 1sockchuck writes “Exploits are already circulating for at least two (and possibly four) of the Windows security holes addressed in Microsoft’s updates on Tuesday. Several working exploits have been released for a new vulnerability in Windows Plug and Play technology, which could be used to spread a worm targeting Windows 2000 machines, according to eEye security, which has released a free scanner to help network admins identify vulnerable computers.”

Keep patching! If you were quick on the draw initially, you might have run into trouble as some of the patch files were corrupted, but Microsoft fixed that problem.

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