Can a Virtual Server be Vaporware?

Microsoft Watch from Mary Jo Foley notes “Virtual Server 2005 R2 Due By Year-End. Microsoft is now going to release Virtual Server 2005 R2 (the product formerly known as Virtual Server 2005 Service Pack 1) before the end of this year.”

Interesting that since Microsoft has gone to naming their software after calendar years (Windows 95, SQL Server 2005, etc.) that they can’t release a DotFive version. So what do they do? Anything they want, as the joke goes. Windows 98 had a “Second Edition,” Windows XP had a major makeover disguised as “Service Pack 2” and now we have the “R2” version of “Virtual Server 2005.” Next, I hear VB.NET will be renamed “Visual Basic 9.0” dropping the pejorative DotNet and implying that you must have missed versions 7 and 8 as they built upon the success of 6.0, their most successful product ever discontinued, with which this language shares very little in common. What’s in a name?

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