Windows Server 2003 Release 2 Release Candidate Zero

InfoWorld: Top News notes Microsoft offers preview of next Windows Server release. “(InfoWorld) – Microsoftæon Tuesday made available yet another in a seemingly endless stream of interim product updates with the release of Windows Server 2003 Release Candidate Zero (RC0).”

Love the snarky “seemingly endless” – how is it the press can complain when Microsoft ships something and complain when they don’t? Even worse, this isn’t really *shipping* anything – it’s just a beta.

It’s a beta of an “R2” product – Windows 2003 Server Release 2, apparently not deserving of it’s own year moniker (hey, how about Server 2005?) because Microsoft doesn’t want to take heat from the folks who don’t want to upgrade their servers every two years, but they still have features to ship, especially with Longwait, er, Vista Server, scheduled for 2007. Maybe.

R2? What’s the client going to be named? C3P0?

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