Archive | October 12, 2005

Oracle acquires InnoBase

Jeremy Zawody blogs “Oracle buys Innobase. MySQL between rock and hard place?

Ow. InnoBase is currently the data storage engine of choice when using the MySQL engine. (Unlike most RDBMSes, MySQL can plug into several storage engines, like MyISAM, Cluster and Archive, to provide performance and features tuned for the application.) While Oracle can’t “take away” the Gnu Public Licensed code in current use, they can negotiate difficult terms for MySQL AB to continue offering commercial products. It’s time for the MySQL AB team to look for a new storage engine.

The Motley Fool’s analysis: “Oracle Goes for the Kill.” Red Herring sees “Oracle Acquires Innobase” as just the 11th acquisition this year, and possibly for a low-end entry-level tool for the Oracle DB. It will be interesting to see how Oracle proceeds.

Worm Hole!

Microsoft Watch from Mary Jo Foley reports Win2K Users Beware. “Of the 14 vulnerabilities for which Microsoft issued patches on the latest Patch Tuesday, one is especially important: a newly discovered Windows 2000 worm hole.”

The worm hole episode on STNG was one of my favorites!

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