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FireFox Logs One Hundred Million Downloads

Last OSNews post for the morning, I promise! They report Firefox Sees 100 Millionth Download. “Just shy of Firefox’s first birthday party, the Mozilla Foundation celebrated the 100 millionth download of its Web browser Wednesday. “This is a great milestone. Our massive, worldwide community of grassroots marketers and users – not to mention the developers – have helped to put out a product that’s really kicking butt,” said Asa Dotzler, the Mozilla liaison to the SpreadFirefox community.”

Ubuntu 5.10 Server Released

OSNews notes Ubuntu 5.10 Server Released. “The Ubuntu team is proud to announce Ubuntu 5.10 Server, the first release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments. Like the standard desktop Ubuntu, it occupies a single CD. However, it is distinguished by the following features: Includes server-oriented kernels with out-of-the-box automatic support for multiprocessor systems; Includes a wide variety of popular server applications such as apache, mysql, postgresql, php, zope, openldap, bind, samba, and more.” Visit the OSNews site for links to download the CD image for PowerPC, i386 and AMD64.

Ubuntu has taken the world by storm, recently highlighted as the Desktop OS of choice in Linux Journal poll. I’ve been impressed with the Debian-based distribution. It will be interesting to see what innovations they bring to their server version. 2.0 released!

OSNews reports 2.0 Released to Servers. “ 2.0 has been silently released to servers. It can be found here. is a multiplatform and multilingual office suite and an open-source project. Compatible with all other major office suites, the product is free to download, use, and distribute.”

UPDATED: BitTorrent links here

If you evaluated 1.1.x and felt it wasn’t ready just yet, give this new version a try. They improvements are remarkable. This is an office suite suitable for 95% of home and office workers. (I have used OpenOffice exclusively for over a year.)

If you offer custom applications to your clients that integrate or automate MS Office or WordPerfect, take a look at what would be involved in bringing in as another alternative. Your clients can obtain OO.o for free, and your application can offer many powerful new features.

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