Tha hackable WRT-54 returns!

Slashdot postL Linksys Adds Linux WRT54G Model Back. Glenn Fleishman writes “Last month, Slashdot and others wrote about how the Linksys WRT54G, a popular embedded Linux-based Wi-Fi gateway, had switched to VxWorks’s OS for its v5 release. Because the WRT54G has become the standard as a cheap commodity device for building your own platform (like Sveasoft, Fon, and many others), this seemed like a big blow to hackers and developers. If you could still manage to flash the device–not sure if that was possible–it had half the RAM and flash of the v4 model. It turns out Linksys wasn’t killing the Linux model. They’ve released it as the WRT54GL with v4.30.0(US) firmware and will sell it under that name for about $70 retail. It’s already in stock and the new firmware is on their GPL software download page. Linux sales represent a few percentage points of their overall volume, based on the Linksys product director’s remarks. The lesser quantity of RAM puts money back in their pockets on the mainstream model.”

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