Archive | January 13, 2006

Chandler releases public 0.6 preview

Ars Technica posts: Chandler, an open-source personal information manager, hits its first public release. “Chandler, the brainchild of the first Macintosh programmer, Andy Hertzfeld, has hit its first “usable” public release milestone. Is this an application worth watching?”

YES! An open-source, secure PIM written in Python, runs cross-platform, backed by Mitch Kapor, partly written by Andy Hertzfeld. What’s not to like?

wikiCalc alpha 0.2

On Dan Bricklin’s Log, Dan posts New wikiCalc release with AJAX and more. “I’ve finally released a new version of wikiCalc, my mashup of a wiki and a spreadsheet. This version, Alpha 0.2, adds a lot of different features and capabilities in many areas. The two most interesting to many people are (1) cell editing is now much more interactive using AJAX techniques, and (2) full source is provided along with other changes so that it can be run more than just client-side on a Windows machine.”

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