Archive | February 22, 2006

MacBook boots Linux, runs Knoppix!

OSNews reports Knoppix on the Intel-Based Macintosh. “We reported a few days ago that we had Linux booting on the Intel-based Macintosh. We have been looking at Linux on this hardware some more, and we are glad to report that we now have a full-fledged Knoppix distribution working, complete with the X Window system. We are releasing the first pictures of Knoppix 4.0 running on a 17-inch iMac Core Duo. The X Window system is shown running at full resolution (rather, fuller resolution – 1472×900 – notice that the bottom right edge of the KDE dock is cut off). Most (but not all) aspects of the hardware seem to work, but we have yet to analyse exactly what doesn’t work and assess how much work it might take to get such things working.”

Awesome! Linux booting on the MacBook could lead to a dual-boot, dual-proc laptop.

Alternative headline: Cost of Windows servers exceed cost of UNIX servers

OSNews reports Windows Bumps Unix as Top Server OS. “Windows narrowly bumped Unix in 2005 to claim the top spot in server sales for the first time, according to a new report from IDC. Computer makers sold $17.7 billion worth of Windows servers worldwide in 2005 compared with $17.5 billion in Unix servers, IDC analyst Matthew Eastwood said of the firm’s latest Server Tracker market share report.”

I guess it’s all in the interpretation, isn’t it?

Note, too, that Linux is broken out as a third-place entry. Combining Linux and UNIX, their $22.8 billion puts Windows to shame. OTOH, you could break it out into Windows 2000, Windows 2003, AIX, HP/UX, Solaris and so forth. It depends on what you’re trying to prove.

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