Archive | February 24, 2006

The State of Dabo, 2006

Ed Leafe, well-known in the FoxPro community as a former MVP and proprietor of the ProFox mailing list and OpenTech web sites, is speaking this weekend at the U.S. Python Conference on “The State of Dabo, Where we’re at, February 2006.” For those who haven’t seen it yet, dabo is a framework for rich-client, multi-tier, database-agnostic software development, similar to what Visual FoxPro promised. dabo runs on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. The white paper looks great! At PyCon last year, Ed’s presentations were ranked highly. Wishing him great success this year as well!

MySQL OLEDB driver

I’ve been doing a lot of work with MySQL lately, developing in-house LAMP applications for clients to do data entry as well as internet-facing sites for data retrieval and processing. A couple of clients are querying their in-house MySQL database for mail merge, form fill-in and analysis. I’ve used the MyODBC driver available from the MySQL AB web site. They offer a number of connectors, including ODBC, JDBC, a C interface. I was surprised to see they did not offer an OLEDB interface. In a recent conversation on Ed Leafe’s OpenTech forum, Sam Thorton pointed out that an OLEDB provider is available at Cool! I’ll have to check it out.

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