Archive | March 7, 2006 lagging behind MSOffice? asks: “Is OpenOffice really ten years behind MS Office?” A better question might be if that’s a bad thing. The 2nd edition of “Hacker’s Guide to Word for Windows” printed in 1995 claims to cover WinWord 6. How many more features did we really need? Toolbars that transmogrified into palettes? Menus that went 3-D when the mouse was over them? The words came out the same.

I don’t agree that is “ten years behind.” I still can’t get it to run the Melissa virus. But I’m not sure “ten years behind” or even better “ten years on a different path” is a bad thing.

Stealing Your Biometrics

InfoWorld: Top News is reporting Researcher hacks Microsoft Fingerprint Reader.

(InfoWorld) – “Never mind worrying about hackers stealing your password. A security researcher with the Finnish military has shown how they could steal your fingerprint, by taking advantage of an omission in Microsoft’s Fingerprint Reader, a PC authentication device that Microsoft has been shipping since September 2004.”

When you lose your password, you can get it reset. When your credit card shows suspicious activity, you can get a new and different one. What happens when your fingerprints are stolen?

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