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Grazr-browsing OPML

Neat new toy: an OPML browser. Dave Winer linked to Adam Green links to Grazr. Check out the effect:

grazrAPIkey = “ALPHA03”;

VS.NET is like a city in the desert…

Postcard picture
Here’s a remarkably mixed message. What are the advertisers trying to tell me in this postcard I just received? Post your favorite theories in the comments!

  • Visual Studio.NET is a gamble?
  • VS.NET is trying to look like something it’s not?
  • It’s just like the City of Lost Wages! Bet your career!
  • “What happens in DotNet, stays in DotNet” — unbelievably, it actually says this on the back of the card! Amazing.
  • Your theory?

Go, Manchester! (both of them) is an effort to provide free, no-charge wireless to downtown Manchester, New Hampshire. Check out the coverage map – it’s pretty impressive! Switch the URL from DotOrg to DotNet and you find yourself at which aims to do the same thing in Manchester, England.

Flash vulnerability

Computerworld News reports Adobe fixes critical Flash vulnerabilities. “Adobe Systems Inc. [who bought Macromedia last year — Ted] has patched a number of critical vulnerabilities in its Flash media player that could be used by attackers to take over an affected system.”

Get patching! Details at

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