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New Hampshire Python SIG tomorrow night

On the Python announcement list, Bill Sconce posts: “The next meeting of the Greater New Hampshire Python & Milk/ Cookies SIG will be tomorrow night — Thursday, April 27th, at the Amoskeag Business Incubator, 7:00 P.M. (the usual place, the usual time).”

“Also, we have a special program. Paul Koning, who had never used Python until recently, will tell us about his first, “getting to know Python” programming experience. Something just a little bit challenging: rewriting PDP-11 TECO.”

“It should be an interesting evening, especially to hear about what went well (or not) in learning a new language in such an environment. Can you imagine writing TECO as your exercise to learn C++? (And of course, now we have TECO for Linux. And for the Mac. And for everything else wherever Python runs.)”

“We’ll also have our usual Q&A, and Python trivia. Because several people asked us about Python at LinuxWorld last week we’ll include some material for newbies. (Please be thinking about that – should we have a newbies segment EVERY meeting?)”

WHO: New Hampshire Python Special Interest Group

WHERE: Amoskeag Business Incubator, 33 South Commercial Street, Manchester, NH
Travel directions

WHEN: The fourth Thursday of each month at 7 PM, holidays allowing

WHAT: Paul Koning, TECO in Python, General Python Q&A

Hope to see you there!

Microsoft ships v. 2.0 of MS06-015 patch

In a fairly unusual move, Microsoft has re-released MS06-015, Vulnerability in Windows Explorer Could Allow Remote Code Execution (908531). Microsoft sent out an email to let folks know about that. Amazingly, while explaining why they were re-issuing the patch, they never mention what the patch is, nor specifically what went wrong, nor who should apply the new patch:

This bulletin has been re-released to
advise customers that revised versions of the security update
are available for all products listed in the “Affected Software”
section. Customers who have already applied the MS06-015 update
who are not experiencing the problem need take no action.

Here’s the quick scoop: Windows Explorer (the desktop, not the browser) has fundamentally changed the way it launches programs, and some programs that hooked into that behavior, including Hewlett-Packard’s “Share-to-Web”, older NVIDIA graphics drivers, Kerio firewall, and others, would fail to operate properly, lock up, or freeze after files are saved, especially to “My Documents” or other special folders. This patch allegedly fixes the problem.

Get Patching! Good Luck!

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