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Ed Foster highlights US laws on software this week

Ed Foster's Gripelog spends the week with a series of articles on software ownership, copyright, licensing, and the chilling decisions being made in US Courts. It's stunning how few rights consumers have against software companies, compared to their rights (and the companies' responsibilities) in other industries like automobiles, food or consumer goods. Do Software Customers Own a Copy?. “When we a buy a book, we all pretty much understand what rights our ownership of that copy gives us. But what about software? Do we even own the copy, or does the inevitable “the software is licensed, not sold” assertion in the license agreement actually deprive us of rights we would otherwise have under copyright law? It's a question that Congress and the courts have failed to clear up, often with gruesome results….”

Wind River Systems presenting at Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Linux User Group, Thursday August 3rd

From the DLSLUG announcement list:

The next regular monthly meeting of the DLSLUG will be held Thursday, August 3rd, 7-9PM at Dartmouth College, Carson Hall, Room L02. All are welcome, free of charge.


7:00 Sign-in, networking

7:15 Introductory remarks

7:20 “Taking Open Source, Enterprise-Class applications off the desktop and into the Field” presented by Thomas Hall, Technical Account Manager, Wind River Systems

“There are many compelling reasons to adopt Open Source applications for the desktop; one asks… Why stop there? Well, turns out there are significant technical hurdles to overcome minimal resources – successfully scaling powerful Open Source applications like Apache and MySQL into a handheld device requires Linux development and testing
tools well beyond printf.”

“However, while the groundswell of interest in the Linux OS has resulted in highly stable, mature kernels, this interest has not yet translated into commercial-quality Public Domain development tools. While it is comforting to have a ubiquitous technology like GDB available, one wants to further draw on best-in-class tools and paradigms that have been developed in the commercial software development space.”

“Wind River Systems will present on this topic and demonstrate the Eclipse-based Workbench IDE and Platform for Consumer Device, Linux Edition. As time permits, several commercially available products will be demonstrated running Wind River Linux.”

8:30 Roundtable Exchange – where the attendees can make announcements or ask a linux question of the group.

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