Archive | August 12, 2006 security flaws identified, some patched

Robert McMillan of InfoWorld: Top News reports security 'insufficient'. “With Microsoft Corp.'s Office suite now being targeted by hackers, researchers at the French Ministry of Defense say users of the software may be at even greater risk from computer viruses… “The general security of OpenOffice is insufficient,” the researchers wrote in a paper entitled “In-depth analysis of the viral threats with documents.” … “This suite is up to now still vulnerable to many potential malware attacks,” they wrote.”

Despite the negative tone of the beginning of this article, it's more good news for OO.o than bad. First, the one major flaw that was found has been patched – yeah, Open Source! – and you'll want to ensure you're running the latest The second positive spin of the article is the tone: governments and companies are seriously evaluating as a replacement for their current office products. I wonder if this change in the tone has to do with the acceptance of the Office Document Format as a recognized international standard.

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