Django the #1 choice for Python's Benevolent Dictator For Life

Over at Blue Sky On Mars: Kevin Dangoor, one of the lead developers for the TurboGears Python web framework posts, “There can't be only one.”

“I guess I'd better give up now. Guido announced at SciPy that Django is the standard web framework for Python. How's that for a first two sentences of a blog post? ”

“Always there are two, a master and an apprentice.” Master Yoda says.

Neo claims, “It's about choice. Free will is the one thing that can't be factored out of the system.” Free will mustn't be factored out of the system. The Joy of Branching is that someone else will go off and try something else, take a different direction, chose the Road Less Taken. And that will make all the difference.

No one size fits all. Sometimes you just need a little snippet, a tweak, of inline python code like you can do with Myghty. Other times, you need a big, honking uber-reliable message-passing system with scalability, redundancy, failover, point-in-time recovery and full BuzzTerm 2.0 compliance. Sometimes you just want to toss together a quick-and-dirty web site for a friend and the first app you come across with a README small enough to take in in one glance is the choice.

There's always room for more than one. Fight for choice.

link via Daily Python-URL! (from the Secret Labs)

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