Archive | September 3, 2006 2.0.3 Premium released

LXer reports OpenOffice Suite Gets Font Freebies. “ Premium can be downloaded from the SourceForge Web site, but is available only for Windows. A native Mac OS X version of the suite will be previewed in France in September.”

[You can also grab the accessories from the SourceForge site, if you already have OOo. – dcparris]

What great timing! I've been looking for a package that includes OpenOffice with some additional fonts, templates and clip art to hand out at Software Freedom Day. On the OO.o site, they have an Extras disk, but it's a couple of micro-versions behind and in need of a lot of attention: files are still in StarOffice format, installers are rough, HOWTOs are missing. There is a lot of great documentation and stuff on the disk (theres an Excel VBA StarBasic concordance that's 63 pages long and looks worthy of further examination), however, and I encourage every OO.o power user to grab the Extras disk (and find out how you might be able to contribute back a little to the disk). But the OOOP disk looks very promising. Will report what I discover

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