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WordPress Exercise Page Sandbox

WordPress includes a WYSIWYG editor within an HTML page.
My blog is located here.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

  • This is an unordered list
  • of items
  • with bullets
  1. This is an ordered list
  2. of items
  3. with numbers.

This is a snippet of code:

import win32com.client



print VSSItems.Count
for loNode in VSSItems:
	print loNode.Name, loNode.VersionNumber

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Joel previews Sprint's Power Vision Network and the LG Fusic

Just a bit of advice for folks trying to market to the A-List: Have something worthy. Else you might end up on Joel's bad side:

The phones they send us are so lame there is literally no area you can go into without being disappointed and shocked at just how shoddy everything is and how much it costs and what a rip off scam they're trying to run here with the music that costs too much and the movies that you don't want to watch on the screen that makes them unwatchable and you just KNOW that if you call to cancel the extra $7/month, their customer service department is going to give you the phone menu runaround and then put you on hold for an hour and then you'll get some cancellation specialist with an incomprehensible accent who will spend 15 minutes trying to talk you out of canceling the useless service until you just give up and let them have the goddamned $7 a month.

Great commentary. Read it all.

HP Board of Directors spying case just keeps getting worse…

GrokLaw is reporting “HP Spying More Extensive: Who Knew and When. We begin to learn now who knew and when, in an article in the Washington Post. They did broad background checks on their targets, but also on relatives of their targets. They tried to recover a stolen Keyworth laptop, so they could examine it. They targetted and sought phone records and fax records of relatives, like wives, of board members and reporters too. They got the records for 240 of 300 phone numbers they went after. The spyware sent to the reporter at CNET was not just to track email forwarding. It was keylogging software.”

And HP sells a server line called Integrity. This is disgraceful behavior.

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