MacBook random shutdown problems due to bad sensor?

In MacBook Shutdowns: Case (Finally) Closed?, Harry McCracken documents his trials and tribulations with getting his MacBook fixed. Apple doesn't seem to have been very forthcoming in admitting there was a problem. It appears the problem was with a defective sensor in a heatsink, but initial repairs were replacing the heatsink and the motherboard. Thousands suffered. Rumor mills flourished. Even a class-action lawsuit was started. It's so much better to get ahead of the press in admitting you've discovered a problem than to leave users in the dark. Some people get cranky.

Apple shipped their new MacBookPros this week, with Core 2 Duo processors, right along with Lenovo showing the Core 2 Duo CPUs on their ThinkPads. Which to pick? The “Think Different” company that make beautiful machines, or the tried-and-true-Blue Thinkpads? Sure, both ThinkPads and Macs burst into flames. It's not how you fail that matters, it's how you recover. (Links via Dan Gillmor’s Blog)

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