InfoWorld to cease print version, complete move to the Web

Steve Fox, Editor-in-Chief of InfoWorld, reports the demise of the print version of the magazine:

“Yes, the rumors are true. As of April 2, 2007, InfoWorld is discontinuing its print component. No more printing on dead trees, no more glossy covers, no more supporting the US Post Office in its rush to get thousands of inky copies on subscribers’ desks by Monday morning (or thereabouts). The issue that many of you will receive in your physical mailbox next week — vol. 29, issue 14 — will be the last one in InfoWorld’s storied 29-year history.”

I’ll miss the print version. As Steve said, bookmarking a web page just isn’t the same as dogearring the page of a article you want to return to.

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  1. bill_mcgonigle March 28, 2007 at 10:33 am #

    Hey, cool, I’ll finally get off their mailing list. I’ve been getting notices from them for 5 years threatening to cancel my subscription for non-renewal. I keep saying, “great, I only read it online anyway”, but they keep coming. Maybe I’ll keep issue 14 as a memento.

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