Seat Belts

New Hampshire’s legislature is considering a mandatory seat belt law as New Hampshire is Last in the Nation on this requirement. In this morning’s Concord Monitor, Eric Moskowitz points out that “Belts may save more than lives: Insurance costs could drop.” Yeah. maybe, but there are better reasons. Garrett Fitzgerald links to a post by Jim Macdonald:

“Do you know how we can tell the difference between people who were wearing their seatbelts and those who weren’t, at the scene of an automobile accident? The ones who were wearing their seatbelts are standing around saying “This really sucks,” and the ones who weren’t are kinda just lying there.”

Don’t be found lying about. Wear your seat belt. Whether required by law or not.

2 Responses to Seat Belts

  1. SarekOfVulcan April 16, 2007 at 10:40 am #

    My opinion on mandatory seatbelt laws is that everyone has the God-given right to be fatally stupid.

    I have a similar opinion on motorcycle helmet laws.

  2. bill_mcgonigle April 19, 2007 at 12:46 pm #

    Sarek makes a good point, but doesn’t consider the problem of a State payer for healthcare. Actually, I’ve heard that motorcycle helmet laws actually increase healthcare costs, as previously the riders of ‘donorcycles’ would just need to be bagged, tagged and processed, but now they need to be given critical care and rehabilitation.

    It would be good to have charity-funded healthcare for the needy so that the State wouldn’t feel justified in taking away freedoms in the name of fiscal prudence (that is improving my freedom to do with my money as I please).

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