Archive | August 25, 2008

A List Apart annual web survey is open

I took the A List Apart web survey and so should you!

I took the A List Apart web survey and so should you!

Available as of this morning at the A List Apart website, their annual survey of designers, information architects, web interaction designers, experience engineers and web codemonkeys got 33,000 responses last year, and guides much of their content at the web site as well as their awesome An Event Apart conferences. Provide your input! Share your insights! Experience the community!

Listening to… August 2008

Kent Beck spoke at O’Reilly Media’s RailConf on Test Driven Development, Patterns and Extreme Programming and I got to listen while working out last week. A long trip to a client gave me an excuse to listen to last week’s Technometria interview on Sxipper, and catching up with some 2006 archival FLOSS recordings featuring PHP’s originator Rasmus Lerdof and a second one with Jeremy Allison on Samba.

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