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No longer a red Hat stockholder

The old Red Hat corporate logo

Shadowman, the old Red Hat Logo

For years, I’ve posted disclaimers when talking about Linux distributions that I owned a “teeny” share of Red Hat stock, mostly to read their annual reports, but also because I was a supporter of Open Source and commercialization of OS. But, sadly, as of Tuesday, I am no longer. IBM has purchased Red Hat, and as part of that deal, bought all of the outstanding stock. So, now I’ll be rolling over my investment to pay for a few months of my retirement. It was a good ride.

new Red Hat logo, no shadowman

The New Red Hat logo, no Shadowman



Please excuse our dust

… while we undergo a renovation. Upgrading PHP from the ancient version 5.4 to the shiny new 7.2 and moving PHP handlers to the new FPM model has proven… tricky. Stay tuned, we should be back up and running any time now.

… And we’re back! A learning experience in Linux sockets, permissions, systemd and the new PHP FPM handler. It takes a few tricks to configure Apache and FPM, but the performance improvements are worth the effort.

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