New Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-039 [updated link]
lists a new security flaw, based on an extension of MS03-026 to new
ports. The MSKB is pretty confusing. Bottom line, right now, ensure you
have a firewall in place, whether you are attached to the internet
directly or through an intranet. Working through the language of the
patch will take some time. Look at this:

Note If you use the KB823980scan.exe tool to scan
a computer that has the 824146 security patch installed, the tool will
incorrectly report that the computer is missing the 823980 security
patch (MS03-026). Microsoft encourages customers to run the
KB824146scan.exe tool to determine whether the host computers on their
networks have the 823980 (MS03-026) and the 824146 (MS03-039) security
patches installed.

Pretty confusing stuff.

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