Archive | September 10, 2003

New Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-039 [updated link]
lists a new security flaw, based on an extension of MS03-026 to new
ports. The MSKB is pretty confusing. Bottom line, right now, ensure you
have a firewall in place, whether you are attached to the internet
directly or through an intranet. Working through the language of the
patch will take some time. Look at this:

Note If you use the KB823980scan.exe tool to scan
a computer that has the 824146 security patch installed, the tool will
incorrectly report that the computer is missing the 823980 security
patch (MS03-026). Microsoft encourages customers to run the
KB824146scan.exe tool to determine whether the host computers on their
networks have the 823980 (MS03-026) and the 824146 (MS03-039) security
patches installed.

Pretty confusing stuff.

MSDN RSS Feed now available through the VFP Task Manager

Along with the great ProFox mailing list, Ed Leafe runs TaskPaneCentral, and Michael Henstock just uploaded a new task pane to the Files area
which will read MSDN postings. WARNING: the links in the Task Pane will
launch an instance of the IE browser, so make sure you have taken the
appropriate security precautions. A patch to the Task Pane to launch in your default browser is documented here.

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