Archive | August, 2003

Forty-three degrees Fahrenheit

Forty three degrees is glorious after weeks of hot, humid August
weather. The Hopkinton State Fair is going on next store, with wafting
smells of grease and cooking and farm animals., announcements from 8 AM
until late into the evening, mooing and baas and music at all hours of
the day and night. A wonderful ritual to end the summer. Hope your
weekend is going as well.

AOL launches blogging service

No doubt, some will think “There goes the neighborhood.” Not
surprisingly, signal-to-noise could get to be a problem if the
blogosphere has a new wave of immigrants. OTOH, though, with the
immigrants come money and opportunities and the need for new and
innovative services. Bring ’em on. News.Com: AOL launches blogging service. [Scripting News]

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