Archive | August 9, 2003

When we say Fifty-four megabits per second, we don’t mean it…

Not a news flash to some, but perhaps others: the 802.11g spec, poorly referred to as “54 mbps” is really a measure of best possible radio speed, and not real data throughput in a real situation. Follow the link for Slashdot’s like to an O’Reilly article with the details. Like “56k” modems, althought perhaps even more overhyped. The good thing is that the ‘g’ components are competitively priced with ‘b’ components. When 54 Mbps isn’t 54 Mbps: 802.11g’s Real Speed [Slashdot]

The RSS Wars

Interesting conversation going on at Jason Kottke’s site on RSS 1.0 and 2.0. As a feed provider, my primary concern is shipping out content to the most consumers, and if I need to use two formats to do that, that’s fine. My use of RSS 1.0 will be pretty limited to cutting and pasting similar fields from 2.0, I guess, until I find some better documentation on how to manipulate it.

I’ve found a few of the aggregator sites prefer or require one format over the other, so providing both is pretty much required. Looking forward to finding out if more advanced tool can be built with the more complex format.

Travel weary

Back in New Hampshire, gaining yet another travel story. Not the horror stories of 18 hours trapped in Buffalo or others I’ve heard, just the minor, dragging out annoyance of thunderstorms and delays and uncertainty and waiting and waiting. Arriving at midnight is just so much more late, psychologically, than 10:30 PM. Glad to be home.

A cart out on the tarmac stuck the jetway and ripped out their power cords. We were forbidden from boarding the plane on an unpowered jetway, so had to wait 90 minutes while they moved the jet and set everything back up again. A fully packed flight and a few testy infants didn’t help the mood. Like I said, glad to be home.

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