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Way cool! Submarines run Linux and Macs

Way back when when I was on submarines, we didn’t have no fancy com-pu-ters. ‘Course, they hadn’t invented Macs yet… Navy to draft Linux-powered Macs. A company that specializes in running Linux on Macs says it has landed a deal to supply the U.S. Navy with 260 Apple Xserve servers. [CNET]

Boston Area FoxPro User Group Special Meeting: Ken Levy, August 12th

Boston FUG, Tuesday, August 12: Ken Levy, VFP8 News, Europa, .NET & XML. Boston VFP User Group on Tuesday, August 12, 6:30pm at the Microsoft offices, 6th floor, 201 Jones Rd., Waltham MA, presents: Ken Levy, Microsoft VS Data Product Manager, will be presenting the latest news for Visual FoxPro. Ken will also discuss and demo Visual FoxPro 8.0 along with VFP 8.0 working with VS .NET 2003. Ken will also show demos and discuss Europa (next version of VFP) and Whidbey (next version of Visual Studio .NET). In addition, Ken will show some exciting demos of the new XML/XSLT editor/debugger for VS .NET. For more information on the latest news that will be discussed, refer to [FoxCentral.Net]

AskTog: We get no respect

Ask Tog: It’s Time We Got Respect. “‘I have met the enemy and he is us.’ When Pogo mouthed these words so many years ago, he must have been thinking of software designers, or interaction engineers, or human interface folks, or whatever we who create the interaction model for our products are calling ourselves this week.” Linked via Tomalak’s Realm

Pirates of the Internet

Steven Levy has a good perspective on the imbalance of record industry piracy problems and national security. “The bill says if you share a single tune with your pals online÷as millions do every day÷you are a felon. Penalty: up to five years in jail” By Steven Levy in NEWSWEEK

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