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They love OE, they love OE not…

I’ve seen the rumor, the denial, the confirmation,… Now InfoWorld has
this headline on their page, but clicking on the link leads to a “Page
Not Found…” perhaps it’s a conspiracy.
Microsoft pledges allegiance to Outlook Express.
Microsoft never ditched Outlook Express, the company said Thursday,
hoping to end speculation about the future of its free e-mail client. [InfoWorld: Top News]

It’s tough inside MSFT, too…

Chris Brumme’s blog. Microsoft senior developer Chris Brumme doesn’t post often to his weblog
often, but every one of his essays is a lengthy, authoritative, and
candidly self-critical exploration of .NET and CLR arcana, the sort of
thing you might expect to read on MSDN (minus the self-criticism, that
is). And in fact, the absence of this material from MSDN is
controversial. Back in June, Dare Obasanjo complained about that. Robert Scoble’s response was:
[Jon’s Radio]

You’ve got GUI!

A picture named MozRadio.JPGLogging
onto Radio this morning and picking a topic to post brought up a
graphical editor! Up to this point, I’ve been hand-coding all my HTML
in a plain edit box (I use Mozilla as my primary browser). Please forgive my trespasses as I play with fonts, styles and colors today….

Longhorn Evangelist Debunks Professed ‘Aero’ Shots

Longhorn Evangelist Debunks Professed ‘Aero’ Shots [OSNews]

Robert Scoble, technology evangelist for Longhorn at Microsoft, has called into question several purported screenshots of the next-generation Longhorn interface code-named “Aero.” “These look like early demonstration screens, and not how Longhorn will eventually look,” Scoble wrote in his Web log. “The
real “Aero” is one of Longhorn’s biggest secrets — I’ve seen it, but
can’t load it on my own machine and am locked out of the server where
it’s kept,
” says Microsoft’s Scoble. “I am not even sure they’ll show it off at the PDC.
Indeed, the screenshots are using icons from all over the place
(including a BeOS icon), which proves that these are just early
concepts/mockups and not the real/finished thing.

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