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The Economic Reality Tour

A picture named john.gifJob For John: “Last Thursday, July 24th I was downsized from my job of 3 years at a software company. Later the same day I heard that President Bush’s economic team would be doing a bus tour through Wisconsin and Minnesota this week touting Bush’s tax cut and its prosperous economic effects. ‘What a bunch of BS. I’d like to give their PR tour a dose of reality,’ is what I thought. So I packed up the minivan and decided to follow their bus around the countryside and talk to whoever would listen about the real facts — that this economy stinks, and Bush’s tax cuts are making it worse.” [Scripting News]

Lao Ts’u says ‘He who knows doesn’t say, he who says doesn’t know.’

From Mike Gunderloy’s Larkware blog:

I’m sure I’ve ranted about this before, but remember, only two types of people brag about being in Microsoft beta programs: liars and cheats. Well, OK, maybe there’s a third category: careless people. Read the NDAs you signed, people. From time immemorial, Microsoft beta program NDAs have prohibited discussing the beta program, or even the fact that you are involved in the beta program.

Linked via Anita Rowland via Garrett

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