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Ken Levy speaks at Boston Area FoxPro User Group

Ken Levy is Product Manager for Microsoft’s VS Data Tools. Ken’s presentation covered much of the material presented at the FoxPro DevCon, blogged here and here. Here’s the agenda:

  • Road to VFP 8
  • Goals/Overview of VFP 8
  • Visual FoxPro 8.0 demos
  • Visual Studio .NET 2003 overview
  • Demos: VFP 8.0 with VS.NET 2003
  • VFP 8.0 news and announcements
  • Europa demos
  • XML Tools for VS.NET demos

The last bullet point was the new one, but each of the points was enhanced with feedback Ken’s received over the summer.

Microsoft Code at Fault for Half of all Windows Crashes

Microsoft Code at Fault for Half of all Windows Crashes You can imagine the SlashDot response to Microsoft’s claim that half of all Windows crashes are the fault of third-party code.

Flamester writes “In a ZDNet Australia story, Microsoft is claiming that half of all MS Windows crashes are the fault of third party code, not their own. That is, according to Dr. Watson. The article also goes into the ‘rigor in which MS tests their products before release’. ”

I am not a technical wizard at the details of the Windows architecture, but my understanding is that there are levels of protection you can develop between the layers of code to prevent a wayward application from crashing the system. In a compromise of performance vs. stability, Microsoft has lowered that protection, and that’s the source of a lot of these problems.


Boston Area FoxPro User Group: Ken Levy,

Ken Levy, Product Manager for Microsoft’s VS Data Tools division, will be presenting tonight to the Boston Area FoxPro User Group, a last-minute change due to travel re-scheduling. Looking forward to hearing what Ken has to say on the state of Visual FoxPro 8, the recently announced Service Pack for VFP8, and the future version, code-named ‘Europa.’ In addition, Ken will be talking about Visual Studio .NET and a new XMl/XSL editor he’s managing, scheduled to be included in the next version of VS.NET, code-named Whidbey, and possibly available as an add-on for the current version.

Details at

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