Visual FoxPro DevCon keynote raw notes

Hope to polish these up a little later, but here’s the raw typing, no spell-checking. About 300 attendees at the 8 AM keynote.

Empty class
AddProperty() and RemoveProperty()
Collection class
Structured Error Handling
Event Binding

enhanced getfile dialog
now auto-increment for tables
enhanced view designer
cihild member subclassing
vcs support for more classes
many new features for Grid control
Code Refences tools

Beyond XMLToCursor/CursorToXML
Hierarchical XML support
Multiple VFP data cursors to XML
XML to multiple VFP data cursors
XML diff grams
VFP data cursors, tables, DBC
ADO.NET compatible
XMLTable and XMLField classes
Full control of XSD schema used

CursorAdaptor Class
Similar to DataAdapter in ADO.NET
Native VFP cursors
XML and XML Web services
Programmable events
Stored procedures control

New Data Features
DataEnvironment subclassing
DataEnvironment Builder
CursorAdapter class
CursorAdapter Builder
XMLAdapter class
Form BindControls property
Enhanced VFP OLE DB Provider
VFP 8.0 and VS .NET interoperability

VFP 8.0 Performance

LOCAL a1[10000]
FOR i = 1 TO 10000
? x2-x1

VFP 7.0 = 24.5 seconds
VFP 8.0 = 0.45 seconds

DevCon Tips-of-theDay
This is the 14th DevCon conference =
Free GenScxrnX suppot expires in 2004
dot prompt still works in VFP 8.0
VFP 8.0 runs great on Tablet PCs
VFP 8.0 is hotter than Palm Springs
Europa is a moon of the planter Jupiter
Microsoft is working on Europa!

Works well with Visual Studio .NET
Greatly enhanced XML support
XML Web services
VFP OLE DB Provider
ASP.NET Web forms
.NET Windows forms
Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET
VFP and .NET teams working together

Software for connecting information, people, systems and devices

Building Connected Applications
Connected business, connected experience, connected development
clients, experiences and solutions, tools, services, servers, 
.net in the center, web services wrapped around all

Visual Studio .NET 2002 (last version)
.NET Framework 1.0
Simplified deployment - no DLL Hell, no need for Registry, version DLLs
All language under one roof
All application types under one roof (web, windows, devices)
Single development paradigm
Language enhancements- object-orientation to VB.NET, C#
ENterprise lifecycle support
ACT, Enterprise templates, Microsoft(r)Visio

.NET Framework 1.1
increases scalability and performance
side-by-side execution with .NET Framework 1.0
Enables no-touch deployment from the internet
code access security in ASP.NET
ASP.NET mobile controls
Native ODBC and Oreacle DB 7i/8i support
.NET Framework version 1.1 included with Mocrsosft WIndows Server 2003

Buildeing connected Applications
Mobile development
mobile web browser - visual, ASP.NET mobile controls
PocketPC devices used .NET Compact Framework - can use WinForms 

Developer productiviity
increased IDE perforamnce
startup time reduced - now using a native control
improved IntelliSense(r)
Dynamic help faster
Object browser faster
Code editor drop-down menus faster

Upgrading applications
run multiple versions of VS side-by-side
- VS 6.0, 2k2, 2k3
upgrade from VS 2k2 to 2k3
only the project files are updated
doesn't change any of your sources
application configuration

Enhanced "Add Web Refernce" dialog
Code editor enhancements
net components
debugging enhancedments
community support and search

fullu oo, free threading, structured error handline
host vb 6.0 controls in WinForms
Improved IntelliSense

C++: managed extensions
ISO C_++ conformance

C# component-oriented, type-safe
J# Java-language syntax, full integration with VS,NET

Microsoft Visual SOurceSafe
Application Centter Tes
Enterprise Templates and Policies
Enterprise InstrumentationFramework
Visio - UML tools 
Code Obfuscation

More information:
New .NET Framework certifications
Self-paced book/resources
Upgrade from VS 2003: $29

Empowerment through Ecosystem
Partners and community
150 VSIPs and compoent vendors, 300+ tools
.NET Code Wise Community
Third-party .NET community "influentials:
online communities reach 4.5M user sessions/month
Authors, publishers, trainers, speakers
INETA (International .NET Association)
200+ INETA user groups worldwide representing 66,0000
700+ MSDN user 

Demo: VFP 8.0 and .NET
VFP Business Tier, COM object accessed bother from VFP Form and using ASP.NET XML We Services to connect to .NET WinForm, .NET WebForm, Pocket PC, Cell Phone


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